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The floating market.

Saduak floating market. Or the villagers popular called. Canal floating market is offering shortcuts to scrap more than 100 years ago is among the canals from needle to 9 T. Saduak. Mon Tue Saduak Ratchaburi District seat from 500 meters to the east right to the tour in the morning. Because the sun is not hot and there are many boat sales.

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Museum Siam Discovery Museum

Service time: Tuesday – Sunday 10.00 am – 18.00 pm and public holidays. Close to services on Monday, Songkran New Year’s Eve and New Year. Information: Institution National Museum of learning. No. 4 Road, Grand Palace Road Snamachi. Bangkok metropolitan area 10200. Tel: 0-2225-2777. Fax: 0-2225-2775.

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Mural Paintings of Wat Khongkharam

Mural Paintings of Wat Khongkharam This is a Mon temple of approximately 250 year old. It was formerly known as Wat Klang or Wat Phia To. The Phara Ubosot hall houses a principal Buddha image with a laterite core as well as fine and lively mural paintings of the early Rattanakosin period.

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Sanam Chandra Palace

Open to Traffic Time: 9.00 am – 16.00 pm closing ticket Time: 15:30 pm Show: Thai dance show. Only Saturday – Sunday cycle day 2 at 11.00 am and 14.00 pm Tel. 0-3424-4236-7 Fax. 0-3424-4235 (Please dress politely).

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Takashi floating market – measured Bangkae less.

Floating market Takashi (Tha Kha Floating Market) located at Tambon Tha Car. Weekend skiing is still a natural way of life of villagers. A professional gardener planted various crops other villagers will be boating products. Vegetables and fruits from the garden such as chilli, garlic, sugar, sweet coconut, guava, coconut, pomelo, rose apple has sold – exchanged. Only the day or 2 night stay the night 7 night 12 (every 5 days) from approximately. Add current date is on Saturday – Sunday 8.00-11.30 am measuring Bangkae Square district located at least indirectly. Mae Klong river lady Hugi (less) family fluoresce a chapel was built in 2411 BC temple built on bamboo raft tied it with. From Mae Klong river Po. This measure has now been restored as well to see what measures include internal walls within the Buddhist temple made from teak wood carving is a story. In Buddhist history, the birth and enlightenment about the Lord Buddha’s death ten workers. Beautiful clear pattern was developed by carver Phetchaburi Province. Which is known for its wood carvings. It is a beautiful chapel in the art of carving wood.

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Ampwa floating market.

The evening floating market. Market day is every Friday Saturday and Sunday in the period from 12.00-20.30 hrs adjacent park 2 hotel has sold several types of food such as noodles fried Thai shrimp burn traditional Thai dessert coffee and traditional souvenirs from Ampwa the product early in the evening can. rent to watch firefly firefly watch each boat costs 60 Baht 600 Baht charter aircraft.

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Wat Bang Shrimp

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Wat Pradoo

No. 54 Moo 2, Tambon Wat Samut Songkhram Ampwa Pradoe district. Tel. 0-3473-5237.

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Temple Christian Wandeplg district.

Christ Church (Karen woven matrix) measure Wandeplg Ratchaburi district. Before traffic measurement Should contact in advance the measure Tel. 0-3239-9277.

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Knon grand shadow play Temple – Wat Nong Hoi.

Sub-measure Knon grand shadow play that set the sky flower district Photharam Ratchaburi 70120 Tel: 0-3223-3386 Fax: 0-3235-4272 Temple Wat Nong Nong Hoi Hoi is a measure created by the year 2416 approximately 12 kilometers from the city. km today Nong Hoi Temple is known of the general good person. Because the measurement of the Nong Hoi. Shaped like Buddha Bodhisattva Guan Imran is the best place he Nong Hoi. This is called. “He has preserved you Imran Temple Nong Hoi” is a firm that has spread very sacred, whether these be for anything. People will not live to worship together. The only festival in the temple or holiday location he griffon Muang district, Ratchaburi Province 70000.

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Siam Cultural Park

Time-card. Monday – Friday: 09.00-16.30 hrs Saturday – Sunday: 08.30-17.00 pm Holidays: 08.30-17.00 am on 41 / 1 Moo 3, Tambon Wang cold Bangphra District Ratchaburi 70160 Phone 0-3231. -8401-4 Fax: 0-3238-1403.

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